Crypto & Fiat Integrated Solutions

Technology infrastructure that enables consumers, merchants, traders, investors and asset owners to
Buy . Sell . Trade . Distribute . Invest . Pay
crypto coins and fiat monis in a secure, compliant, scalable & integrated global network.

Trading Marketplace

Ingenious full reserve digital asset trading platform provides a worldwide cross border remittance integrated to Digital/FIAT Exchanges, Prepaid Cards and Global Correspondent Network

Crypto Merchant Payment

Blockchain powered payment processing with multi-channels Fund Transfer, B2B and B2C payments disbursement, NFC/ QR, Reward Points, Payroll payments and M-Commerce Integration.

Assets Tokenization

End-to-end blockchain based platform to tokenize, issue, manage, transfer and maintain records and ownerships of services, fund, equity and assets to be listed for trading and fraction investment.



Trackable and Transparent

Crypto/Fiat Trading Marketplace

Fully licensed, compliant and regulated realtime crypto/fiat exchange with lightning-fast trade execution for the top currency pairs. multi-level account system with individual approach to each customer, from Bitcoin beginners to institutional traders.

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Advanced Reporting

Downloadable reports, real-time balance and transaction history.

Fast and Reliable

Fast order execution and access to high liquidity order-book for currency pairs.

Fully Customizable

Dark and Light theme with price alert notifications for supported crypto-currencies.

Cross-platform Trading

Easy to use web interface, user friendly mobile apps and seamless API Integrations.


Trade On The Go

The easy to use web interface and the user friendly mobile apps offer

access to high liquidity for top currency pairs on the market.

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Crypto Merchant Payments

integrated with global gateways to enable merchants to accept both crypto and fiat payments in-store or online with multiple settlement options.


Crypto/ Fiat Prepaid Card

Trusted, easy and secure method of payment with transparent fees that can be used online or in store.
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Privacy by Design
  • Security is our top priority. We are continuously improving our end-to-end security measures, auditing processes, and monitoring 'attack surface' of our infrastructure security of funds and user information and employing the most reliable, effective security technologies available.


Anti-Money Laundry
  • Committed to complying with all international & local regulations as well as ethical standards that help prevent, detect and remediate unlawful behavior. We work within a robust framework aimed at preventing financial crimes.

Selected Digital Currencies

Listing of crypto currencies follows both business and technical selection process to confirm legitimacy, sustainability and usability.

Global Audience

Leverage wallet deployments for cash-in/ cash-out

Customer Acquisitions

promote trading to current customers across the globe

Increase Coin Value

by launching services to increase demand & coin value


Revenue share, transaction fees, float capital liquidation